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Practical outlines for Fisheries Resource Management


Case study review

1. You will work in group of 5 students

2. Each group will work on one case study

3. All groups can download the article from: category: Manajemen Sumberdaya Perikanan

4. Each group will generate:

a. One hard file review (calibri 12; 1.5 space; printed *)

b. One soft file presentation in max 20 pages **)

5. This assignment has to be handled on March 6, 2015 at 12.00 am to email:

with subject email: group name_class. Example: M01_01


The review is not a copy-pasted file from the article. It should include both central theme of the article and reviewer ideas (thought, consideration, suggestion toward article).

Below are the articles that have to be worked on:

Article M01 M02 M03 M04
1 M01_01  M02_01  M03_01  M04_01
2  M01_02  M02_02  M03_02  M04_02
3  M01_03  M02_03  M03_03  M04_03
4  M01_04  M02_04  M03_04  M04_04
5 M01_05  M02_05  M03_05  M04_05
6  M01_06  M02_06  M03_06  M04_06
7  M01_07  M02_07  M03_07  M04_07
8  M01_08  M02_08  M03_08  M04_08
9  M01_09  M02_09  M03_09  M04_09
10  M01_10  M02_10  M03_10  M04_10


In the coming weeks (after submission the assignment), each group will present their case study and one of other groups will have an opportunity to peer review it.

The schedule of group presentation will be determined later.